A welcome packed

A welcome packed

February 3, 2022 Off By Anne McLear

After two hectic days of back-to-back meetings with each member of the senior management team, today I got to have some “free” time to properly go through the welcome pack I received by email on my first one.

It’s a 40-page PDF document with loads of information: about Cablinc, internal procedures, obligations, contacts for help desk, brand guidelines, etc.

I felt there was a lot of outdated and irrelevant information. Besides, the format (a PDF file) seemed pretty inadequate.

Many pages linked to further information on the intranet, but I realised some of those links were broken. One thing the extensive PDF failed to include was the process to feedback on the document itself.

I’m sure there is a better way of onboarding new colleagues, making sure the information given is up to date and (why not?) personalised according to the person’s role.

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