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Chaos during the senior team meeting
(Photo by it's tea)

Chaos during the senior team meeting

Today's senior team meeting was an absolute chaos. I felt embarrassed just by being there, witnessing all that arguing and almost childish behaviour.

John McChief is not happy with the results from the Projects team; Phil McPlan, Head of Projects, blames it on lack of experienced field engineers coupled with poor systems to access Cablinc's collective knowledge pool. This triggered a big discussion between them, James McMann (HR Director) and Louise McGeek (CIO).

Considering part of it has to do with how field engineers communicate with each other, I took it upon myself to look into this and work together with McPlan and McGeek to come up with a few ideas.

The collective knowledge of those around us is a great asset but only if we can get through to it. Enterprise social tools can help. Attend Social Now Europe 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal - 6 & 7 June) to see how it can be done.

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