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Just talk, no walk
McChief insists on sending emails
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The analogue launch of the Digital Transformation initiative
McChief demands a big party
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Listening to the crowd
McChief and McGreasy do not see the value of listening to colleagues’ views
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Discussing digital transformation
McLear meets with Peter Change to get a sense of the plan
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Digital Transformation
McChief is keen to kick off a digital transformation initiative at Cablinc
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In Portugal
Ready to travel
Work away from work
Waste of time
Off sick
Tricky projects
Playing safe
The fire
Painful process
A different shoe on each foot
Giving them a voice
My photo on Cablinc's website
Changes are afoot
Bring in the old gun
All cogs break loose
Chaos during the senior team meeting
Too many emails
Who to invite to the peer assist?
Eating with the factory workers
Meeting notes (version 76)
Flying with peer assists
Family time
They heard it through the grapevine
Yasmin knows
Who knows?
New factory in Turkey
Pub dinner to celebrate
A cheerful group at the cafeteria
The Cafeteria
Easing into my new job
And so it begins