House of Cables

Accessing Critical Knowledge

Who knows?

House of Cables 12 January 2018:
Anne realises there isn't much to help her with the communication plan for the opening of the new factory --- Read More ›


New factory in Turkey

House of Cables 11 January 2018:
Anne hears about Cablinc's plan to open a factory in Turkey --- Read More ›


Pub dinner to celebrate

House of Cables 08 January 2018:
Anne goes out to dinner to celebrate first week at new role --- Read More ›

Accessing Critical Knowledge

A cheerful group at the cafeteria

House of Cables 07 January 2018:
Anne notices a group of engineers happily chatting at the cafeteria --- Read More ›

Internal Communication

The Cafeteria

House of Cables 06 January 2018:
Anne talks about her first cafeteria experience --- Read More ›