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In Portugal
(Photo by Jessica Spengler)

In Portugal

Today I'm blogging from Portugal. From Setubal, to be more precise.

Setubal is just off Lisbon, to the south of the Tagus River. what a lovely place! And what magnificent food and wine!

I am here to visit Cablinc's factory in Portugal and spend some time with the team here.

I met with the local communications manager and a few of the factory workers. I asked a lot of questions about the opening of this factory 7 years ago. I did not get much information but I got a few names of people who are still working here at Cablinc. I'm meeting some of them tomorrow and I hope they have more to add.

Attend Social Now Europe 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal - 6 & 7 June), travel to Portugal and enjoy the same food and wine that Anne raves about.

Portugal new factory