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A different shoe on each foot
(Photo by Craig Sunter)

A different shoe on each foot

I called a meeting to gain a better understanding about what might have gone wrong, communication-wise, with the machine incident at the factory.

While we were waiting for Sam McCable, I had a bit of time to talk with Steve McGreasy alone for the first time. He is definitely unhappy with the recent corporate restructure. He is no longer reporting to McChief and, although he respects McCable, they have very different work styles.

"At the moment our team is like one person having to walk with a different shoe on each foot", he was saying. "Just as an example, McCable insists on us using a silly online tool to share every morning what we are up to that day. What a waste of time! Who has the time to read what I am sharing? And who cares?"

I did my best to empathise but the truth is I could not wait to ask McCable what tool he uses. I think I want to use it with my team too :D

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