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Off sick
(Photo by Chris Costes)

Off sick

A terrible flu got the better of me. I've been off sick since my last post: in bed most of the time.

Towards the end of last week I started getting well enough to, at least, start checking my email. I wanted to know what was going on and minimise the stress of getting back to work and finding a huge pile of emails on my inbox.

I got terribly frustrated, though: I could check my emails but there was not much I could do otherwise. Yasmin, for instance, wanted an update on the New Factory Communications Plan. I needed to refer back to a document I keep in Cablinc's shared drive. The problem is that I could not access it remotely. I asked Yasmin to find it but she couldn't: I keep it on a private folder.

I had to redo the whole thing. And I was specially frustrated, because my husband, who works for another company and who had worked from home during the whole time I was in bed with the flu, was able to do everything as if he was in the office.

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