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Digital transformation

Digital transformation

John McChief has recently attended a conference and has decided that Cablinc needs to invest on a digital transformation initiative.

His first move was to appoint Peter Change as Digital Transformation Lead. He has been a member of the IT team and he will continue reporting to Louise McGeek.

I met with McChief to discuss the kick off. He is keen to make a mark it, both internally and externally, because he wants to show that Cablinc is keeping up with the times.

McChief asked me to define a communication strategy for the big kick off but I’m a bit lost as I’m not sure about the business purpose of the initiative. Nor is he, I feel.

Enterprise social tools can help digital leaders but they also require good digital leadership to produce results. Attend Social Now Europe 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal - 6 & 7 June) to see how it is done.

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