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All cogs break loose
(Photo by plenty.r.)

All cogs break loose

OMG! After yesterday's chaos in the board room, today's been chaos everywhere.

One of the factory machines stopped working: something wrong with a cog, it seems. It's really important that we get it back on ASAP otherwise we will fail some of the current orders.

John McChief and Sam McCable seemed to be pointing the finger at Steve McGreasy, Head of Factory Operations.

I kept wondering why the incident was not avoided: the factory workers knew this was going to happen. I heard them talking about it in the cafeteria a couple of weeks ago. Did they not report it to someone in charge? If not, why not? If they did, did that someone fail to act on the information?

I'm bracing myself for tomorrow: I fear it's gonna be a similarly stressful day as the machine has not yet been fixed.

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