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The Cafeteria
(Photo by Kaj17)

The Cafeteria

Cablinc has a cafeteria. It was built for the factory workers but pretty much every one in the company eats there.

Yesterday and today, I had lunch there. Food is nice and there are plenty of options.

The noise level is quite loud with people talking to each other at their own round tables. As I was carrying my tray, I heard about last evening's soap opera episode, about a factory machine which is threatening to stop working, about the birth of one the worker's baby boy, etc.. Funny how you get such a good feel for what goes on in the company just by having lunch at the cafeteria.

I noticed that factory workers do not seem to mix with office people, like me. Joan McChatty told me that John McChief makes an effort to go sit with the factory workers for lunch once a month. I think it's a great idea! And I'd like to do it too. I made a note to tag along next time he does it. It will probably look more natural if, the first time, I go with him.

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