February 1, 2024 Off By Anne McLear

This morning, Mark McGood and me had to wait 5 minutes for a few of our colleagues to join a webcall. Guess what: they were late from another webcall! And when they joined, three of them had their cameras off. It is so annoying! Specially for me, as I do not know them very well yet and need all the visual clues as I can.

Anyway, during those initial minutes when it was just the two of us, Mark told me he is really worried. He has been looking into what has happened with the machine failure and how it relates with procedures we are supposed to have in place because of our ISO 9001 certification.

The 2015 version of ISO 9001, in its section dedicated to organisational knowledge, requires companies to be able to access the knowledge required to ensure the quality of their products, services and processes.

This did not happen! Something went wrong and he is concerned.

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