A hybrid meeting

A hybrid meeting

March 4, 2022 Off By Anne McLear

I joined Cablinc on 1 February. Until the 28 February I posted here every weekday. However, it is hard keeping it up. So, from now on, I will just post when I feel I have something interesting to say. And today I do.

John McChief asked for this week’s senior management meeting to be in person, around the big oval table in the large meeting room. Jacqui McLaw’s child is with covid-19 so she joined us online.

She actually had the first topic in the agenda: the lawsuit our client started against us because of the recent fire. In the room, my colleagues discussed, raised their voices, pointed fingers, and totally ignored McLaw and all her attempts to intervene.

Later in the meeting, she dropped from the call. Nobody noticed. She lost an important update from McChief.

Ah, and the cherry on top of the cake, was when Phil McPlan decided to start writing on the room’s whiteboard, ignoring the fact that McLaw could not see it. Ridiculous!

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