Feeding (information to) the factory workers

Feeding (information to) the factory workers

February 5, 2024 Off By Anne McLear

Today, once again, I had lunch at the cafeteria. I decided to mingle with the factory workers. I sat next to an animated group, joined their conversation and asked a few questions about the way they get to hear about what’s happening in the company.

They read the corporate news on the intranet, which they access on the browser on their smartphones. We have a mobile-friendly version of the intranet, but all that means is that the text is adjusted to the screen width. It does not invite you in; it does not really easy to navigate.

They usually check the intranet news during their breaks, when they get a notification by email or if colleagues start talking about something they have read in there.

I guess the word-of-mouth is still a good comms mechanism :slight_smile:

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