Like mushrooms

Like mushrooms

February 7, 2024 Off By Anne McLear

I called a meeting to gain a better understanding about what might have gone wrong, communication-wise, with the machine incident at the factory.

While we were waiting for Sam McCable, I had a bit of time to talk with Steve McGreasy alone for the first time. He is definitely unhappy with the recent corporate restructure. He is no longer reporting to McChief and, although he respects McCable, they have very different work styles.

“Just as an example,” he was saying, “McCable insists on us using one of those online tools which started popping up like mushrooms during covid. I don’t have time for that. I already have to read all the emails on my inbox. I don’t have time to go somewhere else. Send me the info by email and I might just get through to it.”

I obviously do not agree with the email argument, but it’s hard for me to push for him to use McCable’s preferred tool when it is just one of the many tools currently being used at Cablinc. Different teams, different countries, have chosen one as a way of quickly addressing the new work reality brought upon us by the pandemic.

These plethora of tools is now causing a lot of problems:

  • people do not know where to go to for information and where to focus their attention,
  • they get notifications from many different places which means that they don’t pay attention to many (“too much noise”, they say),
  • knowledge and information are distributed which makes it really hard to find and combine (I suspect that not even the generative AI things coming our way will deal effectively with that)
  • we are likely overpaying on licenses.

We really need to tidy things up and create good governance.

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