Listening to the crowd

Listening to the crowd

February 9, 2024 Off By Anne McLear

Last year, John McChief attended a conference and decided that Cablinc needs to invest on a digital transformation initiative. He appointed Peter Change, a member of the IT team, as Digital Transformation Lead. He will continue reporting to Louise McGeek.

Without a clear direction regarding what McChief wants from him, Peter Change wants to define a strategy. With that in mind, he’s keen to engage the collective wisdom of the company, asking everyone for their own thoughts and ideas. What should we aim to improve? How can we make Cablinc a more digital company, ready to embrace the future?

Some colleagues will already have ideas based on their daily experience; others may have suggestions based on their experience at other companies.

John McChief and Louise McGeek do not like the idea. It is as if they consider that asking for suggestions is a show of uncertainty or ignorance.

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