Waste of time

Waste of time

February 24, 2022 Off By Anne McLear

I spent the whole morning in back-to-back webcalls. These are even worse than the old meetings we all complained about. At least physical meetings gave us the chance to stretch our legs going from one room to the other.

During one of those webcalls, I got a message from Jon Wright. He’s in my team. He had just received a call from an online publication asking for additional information about the fire. They wanted it straight away.

I asked him to handle the request, knowing that all the media requests we had already answered on the topic were available on our intranet. It would be a matter of copy & paste.

He turns out that Jon Wright did not think to go and look on the intranet. Keen not to look foolish asking for assistance, he went ahead and answered the questions the best he could.

Jon wasted a huge amount of time redoing the work, and, because of his lack of experience, he failed to effectively communicate some key ideas.

A waste of precious time and a missed opportunity to guarantee Cablinc a much more positive exposure.

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