Too much but not enough

Too much but not enough

January 12, 2024 Off By Anne McLear

This morning I sat down with Joan McChatty to go through Cablinc’s internal communication channels.

The covid pandemic caught Cablinc off-guard. The company was relying on communication per email (ad hoc and a biweekly newsletter), a quarterly paper newsletter left in the cafeteria of all 3 locations (never in sufficient numbers), a notice board mostly for factory workers. The more generic updates were also published in the intranet nobody visited.

With the covid pandemic there came a myriad of channels: some created by McChatty’s team; others sought out by teams desperate to remain in touch, engaged and effective while working from home.

This led to too many channels, confusion, “noise”, and even some stress for FOMO (fear of missing out).

I believe I need to make this a priority for me and my team. If I am to run a proper internal communication plan to keep employees informed and positively engaged with the new factory, I certainly need to have a clear and cohesive channel ecosystem and create effective communication practices.

Enterprise social tools can reduce the “noise” and get people aligned with corporate and team messages. Attend Social Now to see how it can be done.

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